Tip-Tap Multi-App
Everybody benefits


The Tip-Tap multi-app brings together more than 50 daily services on one screen. If you are a customer, you can get help here quickly, cheaply and conveniently. If, for example, you need a babysitter, cleaner, plumber, rental trailer, lawn mower, snow remover, masseuse, lawyer, security guard, home teacher, or a number of other services, they are all available at the convenience of a tap.

Becoming a Tip-Tap Service Provider is easy and risk-free! Set your own hours and conditions and receive commissions on your completed work.

Tip-Tap’s franchise Partners can be both customers and service providers at the same time, but if they contribute to Tip-Tap’s development, they will be rewarded for all the turnover of the team they build for as long as people provide services to each other.

Everybody Benefits!


Today, everything in our lives is about smartphones. There are nearly 4 billion smartphone users in the world who spend more than 4 hours a day on their devices. The number of users is growing every day.

We are an Estonian start-up company operating in the StartUp Hub of Tartu. We began developing the multi-app in May 2020, and will launch the services step by step, one at a time. We are expanding rapidly around the world. With our platform, our hope and desire is to help people on every continent and in every walk of life. Today, in addition to Europe, we already have Partners in North America, Asia and Africa.

We believe in and work to make Tip-Tap the next unicorn among other billion-dollar companies that have risen from Estonia!


We see that we have a long way to go, but we believe we will develop the next unicorn.

Good company is always welcome!

If you want to be on the team, ask us how to become a Tip-Tap franchise partner. We have a comprehensive training program, and we support and teach you to help make your dreams come true.

You can become a partner when you join someone’s team. If you need to, contact our office and we will find a suitable team for you.


If you believe in the success stories of Estonian startups and are ready to invest in our cryptographic asset, the Tip-Tap Coin (TTC), find out more!

Here at Tip-Tap, we believe:

that we have the opportunity to bring a great deal of benefit to a great many people and to make the world a better place;

that we create many sources of income for people in addition to traditional employment;

that this new way of making money and providing services fulfills the dreams of millions of people in one way or another;

that together, with great people, we can build something unique that has never existed before;

that our collaborative model brings caring, cooperation, a sense of community, respect for each other and an appreciation of the value of each person;

that it is logical, understandable, affordable and easy for everyone to learn.

that everyone benefits!